How to create my personal homepage?

We are happy to have you as a visitor on our website!

You can keep your homepage forever (in any case as long as we don't shut down our service). This way your stories about your first contact, your engagement, wedding, voyages and many more will remain. will improve the current system by adding more services. We planned many features like a calculator for the costs of your wedding, a messengersystem for the users, a smartphone app and even a tool to organize your wedding table. Stay tuned!

The first steps

  • Register: Please fill in the registration form. We untertake to keep secret all your data without passing it to third parties.
  • Confirmation email: You will recieve an email containing a link to confirm your account (sometimes you have to look also in your spam folder).
  • Login: Let's go! Login with your username and password and create your personal homepage.

What can I do on my personal homepage?

You can share everything regarding your wedding plans and you can communicate with your friends and relatives. After the wedding your can also share fotos and videos with your wedding guests. Please watch out not to infringe any image copyright.

  • Landingpage - Profile page:

    Introduce yourself on your profile page.

  • Story:

    Start to share stories and fotos about your wedding today!

  • Timeline - Countdown:

    Interactive list of things you have to think of when planning your wedding.

  • Guestbook:

    Every entry of a guest in your guestbook has to be confirmed by you in order to become visible for everyone. You can delete entries anytime. You can comment on entries in your guestbook.

  • Gallery

    You can add several photo albums. You can upload many pictures at once simply by dragging and dropping them to the gallery. Sometimes you have to wait a little bit for the upload to finish. If there appears a "X", something went wrong and you have to try again. Maybe the size of the images is to big. Sorting:You change the order of your photos in your gallery at any time.

Upcoming features:

Soon we will make a cost calculator available. Another feature will be a tool for planning your individual guest list. This way you will be able to easily plan your costs considering the amount of guests and many other factors.

Edit your profile page:

Login and click the button "Edit homepage data".